Speech Events

Speech Events will include:

Mixed Extemporaneous Speaking

Dramatic Interpretation

Informative Speaking

Humorous Interpretation

Original Oratory

Program Oral Interpretation

Can students double enter in events?

Students may double or triple enter in Speech events. If a student would like to double-enter, he or she may enter in one Pattern A and one Pattern B, or two events in the same pattern.However, if a student would like to triple-enter, he or she cannot choose three events in one pattern. He or she must enter in two Pattern A and one Pattern B event, or vice-versa. Students cannot double-enter in debate events, or double-enter in one speech and one debate event (including Congress).

Name: Christine Tao



Extemp Topic Areas

Mixed Extemp

Energy and the Environment

Middle East and Africa

US Politics


US Economy


US Foreign Policy


Octos Topic Areas 

U.S. Education

Health Care