The Official 2019 Tournament Information packet can be found here.

Debate Questions

Yes, Public Forum, Policy, and Lincoln Douglas all have dedicated novice divisions.

The novice division is ONLY for debaters in their first year of debate competition or middle school students, and must have 25 or less total NSDA points at the beginning of the school year (regardless of the event).

Florida Blue Key’s bid levels are as follows:

Public Forum: Octafinals Bid

Lincoln Douglas: Semifinals Bid

Congress: Semifinals Bid

Both LD and PF will be using the November topic in both Varsity and Novice Divisions.

Yes. Registration will open September 1st, and online registration will be an option.

Students may double or triple enter in Speech events.

If a student would like to double-enter, he or she may enter in one Pattern A and one Pattern B, or two events in the same pattern.

However, if a student would like to triple-enter, he or she cannot choose three events in one pattern. He or she must enter in two Pattern A and one Pattern B event, or vice-versa.

Students cannot double-enter in debate events, or double-enter in one speech and one debate event (including Congress).

Yes. Emphatically yes. 1,000,000,000% yes. In all Speech and all Debate events, a school will be charged $25 for every preliminary round and $50 for every elimination round that a judge does not appear at judge call for.

We do not want to fine your school, we want judges to show up. Tab staff works very hard to assign judges to rounds. When judges do not show up at judge call, the entire tournament falls behind. For this reason, fines will be strictly enforced.

Fines will be totaled at the end of the tournament, and schools will not be allowed to collect ballots or awards if they have not paid all fines.

The 2016 Round Robin will include the following events:

  • Public Forum
  • Lincoln Douglas
  • Student Congress
  • Mixed Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Dramatic Performance
  • Dramatic Performance includes Humorous Interpretation and Dramatic Interpretation.

Speech Events are as follows:

Duo Interpretation

Humorous Interpretation

Dramatic Interpretation

Original Oratory

Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking

Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

Oral Interpretation

For the 2016 tournament, FBK will not be offering Program Oral Interpretation (POI). We will be following National Catholic Forensics League Rules for Oral Interpretation.

National Catholic Forensics League Rules:

Logistics and Travel Questions

Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Sunday breakfast and lunch will be provided for judges.

Students will not be provided meals. Food can be purchased in the Reitz Food Court or in the Midtown area across University Avenue, north of campus.


Buses are not allowed to park in University of Florida parking lots during the day.


Coaches, parents, or judges who are driving cars:

The University of Florida has strict parking restrictions on weekdays. Florida Blue Key has no control over these restrictions. However, Thursday (for Round Robin competitors) and Friday, a limited number of parking decals are available for coaches, parents, and judges.


On Saturday and Sunday, restrictions are lifted and coaches/parents/judges are welcome to park anywhere on UF campus.

Please contact Director of University Services Harrison Bidwell for information about obtaining a parking decal:

Florida Blue Key does not have an official tournament hotel. However, we have reserved room blocks at discounted rates at a variety of hotels in the Gainesville area. Please check out our Hotel page for more information.

Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV) is the closest airport to the University of Florida. Please check our travel page for more information: (insert link to travel page)