Speech Events

IE postings for quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals will be held in the Reitz on Sunday morning.

Speech Events will include:

Pattern A:

Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking

Informative Speaking

Dramatic Interpretation

Duo Interpretation

Pattern B:

Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

Humorous Interpretation

Original Oratory

Program Oral Interpretation

For the 2018 tournament, FBK will be offering Program Oral Interpretation (POI).

Can students double enter in events?

Students may double or triple enter in Speech events. If a student would like to double-enter, he or she may enter in one Pattern A and one Pattern B, or two events in the same pattern.However, if a student would like to triple-enter, he or she cannot choose three events in one pattern. He or she must enter in two Pattern A and one Pattern B event, or vice-versa. Students cannot double-enter in debate events, or double-enter in one speech and one debate event (including Congress).

Name: Brandan Birsic



Extemp Topic Areas

Foreign Extemp



The Americas

Middle East


Octos: Global Trade

Quarters: International Organizations

Semis: International Economics

Finals: Global Conflict and Refugee Crises

Domestic Extemp

2018 Midterm Elections

US Economy

Energy & the Environment

Social Issues

US Politics

Octos: The Internet, Cybersecurity, and Privacy

Quarters: Education

Semis: US Foreign Policy

Finals: Scenarios