In this one-on-one format, students debate a topic provided by the Association. Lincoln Douglas Debate topics range from individual freedom versus the collective good to economic development versus environmental protection. Students may consult evidence gathered prior to the debate but may not use the Internet in round. An entire debate is roughly 45 minutes and consists of constructive speeches, rebuttals, and cross-examination.

Lincoln Douglas has a Semifinals bid in the Varsity Division.

There will be both a Varsity division and a Novice division of Lincoln Douglas.

Lincoln Douglas will be using the November topic. Lincoln Douglas will follow official NSDA Rules.

Name: Nick Anderson


Friday & Saturday
Varsity Judge Lounge: Fine Arts B 103
Novice Judge Lounge: Fine Arts B 103

Varsity Judge Lounge: Reitz Rion Ballroom
Novice Judge Lounge: Reitz Rion Ballroom