A simulation of the U.S. legislative process in the Senate and the House, students generate a series of bills and resolutions for debate in Congressional Debate. Debaters (also referred to as Senators and Representatives) alternate delivering speeches for and against the topic in a group setting. An elected student serves as a presiding officer to ensure debate flows smoothly. Students are assessed on their research, argumentation, and delivery skills, as well as their knowledge and use of parliamentary procedure.

Student Congress has a Semifinals bid.

Prelim congress legislation is due October 1, 2019 by 1 PM EST. Please email legislation as a WORD document to

Preliminary chambers and legislation will be released on October 18. Round robin information and legislation will be released October 23.
Semis legislation will be released on October 25.

2018 Tournament Packet (2019 Packet Coming Soon)

Name: Aaron Algave


Lounge Room: Rion Ballroom in Reitz Union